Massachusetts Elementary School Principals' Association
Massachusetts Elementary School Principals' Association
    • 08 APR 17
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    The Road to Unification

    MSSAA First Vice President (and former MESPA member) Mark Wood, Principal/Director of Tantasqua Regional Vocational High School, addressed our Annual Meeting on Friday, March 24.  He explained the process that is underway to create a new unified PK-12 administrative association.

    • MSSAA Membership Vote Underway (closes April 28): MSSAA members must approve changes in the original Articles of Organization, including:
      • Name Change to: Massachusetts School Administrator Association
      • Purpose: Add “elementary”
      • Membership: Add “elementary”
    • MSSAA Board Vote (June) and Membership Vote (July 27) to approve constitutional revisions necessary for a unified association, such as board representation, etc.

    If approved, a new “Massachusetts School Administrator Association” (MSAA) would be in place effective August 1. For more information, go to the MSSAA website: http://www.mssaa.org/mssaa?sid=35.


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