Massachusetts Elementary School Principals' Association
Massachusetts Elementary School Principals' Association
    • 28 JUL 17
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    It’s Official! Join MSSA!

    At a vote at the Annual Business Meeting of the Massachusetts Secondary School Administrators’ Association (MSSAA) on July 27, 2017, constitutional changes were approved that resulted in the formation of a new professional association to be known as the Massachusetts School Administrators’ Association (MSAA). This new organization will include in its membership any practicing PreK-12 building administrator in the state.

    MSSAA Past President and Merger Committee Chair Dana Brown put it well: “The benefits of a more powerful association, presenting to local, state, and national leadership a unified group of educational leaders seems to make sense. Combining and sharing resources, both in terms of human and financial capital, also would seem to have long term benefits for all education leaders in the state. Many states have this model in place and can offer us best practices to guide us as we move forward.”

    To join MSAA, go to:  http://mespa.org/membership/.

    For future information about MSAA, go to: http://www.mssaa.org or call the MSAA office at 508-541-7997.


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