Massachusetts Elementary School Principals' Association
Massachusetts Elementary School Principals' Association

Serving the Principals of the Commonwealth

The Massachusetts Elementary School Principals’ Association (MESPA) is committed to serving the needs of the elementary and middle level principalship in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

The MESPA Vision Statement

MESPA is a flexible, results-oriented leadership association dedicated to bringing leadership and instructional practices to a superior level. MESPA will be known for its exemplary ability to develop, nurture, and support current and future educational leaders by using technology and other delivery systems, and linking the core curriculum to accountability and performance measures expected in schools. Components of our work will be guided and fulfilled by our core values:

Our Core Values


Integrity, respect, honor, truth, passion, enthusiasm, compassion, value, professionalism, excellence, actualization, problem-solving, resources, creative, caring, democratic, effective

  1. MESPA believes that leaders build effective schools.
  2. MESPA believes that effective principals are strong leaders.
  3. MESPA believes that principals are self-reflective.
  4. MESPA’s programs are based on current research.
  5. MESPA believes that a principal who is leader is one who is professional, is a problem-solver, seeks renewal, is creative, is passionate, and behaves with integrity.


Modeling, training, education, preparation, instruction, reflection, renewal, learning

  1. MESPA believes that continuous life-long learning is important.
  2. MESPA believes that schools are communities of learners.


Acceptance, differences, diversity, integrated, inclusive, multi-cultural, socialization, democratic, caring

  1. MESPA believes that an effective school brings about change.
  2. MESPA believes in a strong sense of community.


Support, mentoring, collegiality, service, partnership, alliances

  1. MESPA believes that a strong organization is one that serves its members well.

Our Mission

Our mission is to:

1.) to promote elementary and middle level schools as learning communities that provide excellent learning opportunities for all children;

2.) to advance superior professional standards of practice for elementary and middle level principals;

3.) to provide high quality professional development experiences for urban, suburban, and rural principals and other educators, statewide, based on their common and unique professional development needs;

4.) to advocate on behalf of elementary and middle level principals and their efforts to provide a high quality education for all children within the framework of our democratic principles;

5.) to provide ample opportunities for networking, collegiality, and community.

Our History

The Massachusetts Elementary School Principals’ Association (MESPA) is the largest professional school administrators’ organization in Massachusetts.

Formed in 1926 and now serving over 1000 members (elementary and middle school), MESPA remains the only statewide organization dedicated to the unique professional and advocacy concerns of elementary school principals and educators in Massachusetts schools. Read more…