Massachusetts Elementary School Principals' Association
Massachusetts Elementary School Principals' Association

MESPA has twelve County Organizations whose purpose is to network principals in any given county, provide support to them, and receive input from them. PURPOSE OF COUNTY ORGANIZATIONS The County Director is the leader of the County Organization. County Organizations are designed to expand channels of communication between the MESPA Board of Directors and each MESPA member. County Organizations are to MESPA what fingers are to a hand. They help extend the reach of MESPA to members through a variety of methods:

A. COMMUNICATIONS The county organizations allow for channels of communication both from the member to MESPA and from MESPA to the member in a personal manner and bring the vision and mission of the organization and the services it can provide closer to home.

B. NETWORKING The county organizations provide networking opportunities for members in the region in which the members reside, and they allow for the sharing of information among members that can make the principalship feel less isolated.

C. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT The county organizations offer the opportunity for professional development to be offered within the region where the members reside and also provide another way of making that professional development more customized for the members.

D. LEGISLATIVE Members may be linked in a legislative network so that their concerns may be discussed, formulated, and expressed to the legislators of that region.

E. MEMBERSHIP Members may use the County Organizations to address their concerns to the MESPA Board of Directors through the County Director. Issues and information that emanate from the Board of Directors may be communicated to members while at the same time addressing the various membership constituencies in the region.